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How Can The Book Fairie Help?

Do you have a child who HATES to read? Would you like to increase your child's love of reading? Would you like to create magical memories with your child using books and reading? Then the Book Fairie is for you and your child or grandchildren!

How It Works

  • Give

    Give the Book Fairie Book and pillowcase or pillowcases to your child or grandchildren.

  • Surprise

    Surprise your child by leaving a book inside their pillowcase from the Book Fairie (you). Most people place the book in the pillowcase while the child/children are away from the home.

  • Create

    Create a fun reading place where your child will be excited to read their new book they found in their pillowcase from the Book Fairie! Now you can start creating many reading adventure memories together!

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Easy as 3, 2, 1…

  • 3. Order Your Reading Adventure

    Order The Book Fairie Reading
    Adventure Package
    plus any additional pillowcases you might need.

  • 2. Open Together

    Pick a time with your child/children to unbox the special delivery and make a plan on when and where you will read together, make this space extra magical!

  • 1. Blast Off!

    Have the Book Fairie (You) secretly leave a book in the large pocket of the pillowcase. Now sit back and let the magic begin.

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