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The Book Fairie Changed My Child's Life

As a mom, I was desperate! I had a child that did not see the value and importance of reading (he read just enough to play his video games). I knew I needed to find a fun and compelling way to help him love to read.

One day a wonderful idea came to me. All I needed was a bit of magic, imagination, and a sprinkle of adventure. This began the creation of "The Book Fairie", this mystical creature delivered my son a magical pillowcase with a pocket on the front. She would then place books in that special place. The excitement and magic of receiving new books from The Book Fairie changed everything for him.

Each book was a new adventure and opportunity for us to read together in a place we created together. The Book Fairie helped him gain a love for reading I just couldn't do myself. I can’t wait to share The Book Fairie reading adventure with you and your family!

Tylynne Chamberlin
Creator of The Book Fairie

The Book Fairie Magic

The Book Fairie is a magical gateway for kids to connect with the enchantment of reading. Each pillowcase has special pockets for notes and deliveries. Your child can leave notes for The Book Fairie, and in return, they will receive books, gifts, and ultimately, a love of reading.

With a sprinkle of Book Fairie magic, your little one is about to embark on an adventure that will last a lifetime. The Book Fairie isn't just an ordinary gift – it's a touch of magic, igniting a passion for reading that will flourish with every enchanting encounter.

Easy as 3, 2, 1…

  • 3. Order Your Reading Adventure

    Order The Book Fairie Reading
    Adventure Package
    plus any additional pillowcases you might need.

  • 2. Open Together

    Pick a time with your child/children to unbox the special delivery and make a plan on when and where you will read together, make this space extra magical!

  • 1. Blast Off!

    Have the Book Fairie (You) secretly leave a book in the large pocket of the pillowcase. Now sit back and let the magic begin.