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Tylynne's Story

Hi, my name is Tylynne, this is how the "Book Fairie" came to be. As a mom, I was desperate! I had a child that did not see the value and importance of reading (he read just enough to play his video games). I knew I needed to find a fun and compelling way to help him love to read. One day a wonderful idea came to me. All I needed was a bit of magic, imagination, and a sprinkle of adventure.

This began the creation of "The Book Fairie", this mystical creature delivered my son a magical pillowcase with a pocket on the front. She would then place books in that special place. The excitement and magic of receiving new books from The Book Fairie changed everything for him. Each book was a new adventure and opportunity for us to read together in a place we created together. The Book Fairie helped him gain a love for reading I just couldn't do myself. I can’t wait to share The Book Fairie reading adventure with you and your family!

Jennie's Story

Hi! My name is Jennie Smith, I am excited to share the experiences that have brought me to the Book Fairie.

When I attended a new school in the 4th grade, my teacher discovered that I was reading at a 1st grade reading level. It became a source of insecurity for me. Even though I was in tutoring and special resource programs at school and home, I was drawn to picture books with few words, rather than chapter books.
I had poor reading comprehension, and was a slow reader, so reading books or text books was so overwhelming I’d avoid it completely. Unfortunately, this affected my education and self-worth more than I realized at the time.

Fast forward to raising 4 kids and watching how their reading skills directly affected their education, grades, and self-esteem and ultimately their future, is why I’m so passionate about anything that can help children master and enjoy reading.

Tylynne and I have been friends for 25 years. One day we went to lunch together and she confided in me her dream to start The Book Fairie Company and told me all about it. After lunch she came to my house and saw my daughter’s and my art and made an instant connection. Tylynne knew immediately that she wanted us to be a part of her dream. I was thrilled to be a part of the Book Fairie Company!

We are excited to make reading an adventure, and help provide a fun and bonding experience for kids to read with a parent, friend, or loved one. It's an honor to be part of your reading journey.