The Book Fairie Company has been such a fun addition to reading time in our family! My kids can't wait to get notes from the book fairie, and to see what new fun books they get in the darling pillowcases. I truly belive that reading time can strengthen my relationship with my kids, and this has made reading so magical and special for our family! 5/5 stars, and I recommend this program for any family looking to make reading time more fun and family centered.

~ Latecia M.

“My kids were so excited to receive the Book Fairie book and pillowcase! Immediately after reading it, my four year old built a reading fort and anxiously awaited The Book Fairie to come! He was thrilled when she did. This is a great tradition that helps instill a love of reading in a whimsical way!” 

~ Hannah W.

As a mom of 4 young children it is always a challenge to find a fun and creative way for them to enjoy reading.

The Book Fairie caught their attention right away. They love their new pillow cases, they love that they get to write notes to The Book Fairie and most of all they love getting to create a magical place to read each day.

 Thank you for such a fun way to explore childhood and books.

~ Taya B.

I purchased The Book Fairie package for my grandsons for Christmas, and they absolutely LOVED it! They were so excited to read the book and learn all about the Book Fairie, and even more excited that she would be bringing them books and leaving them in their pillowcases! My grandsons love to read about The Book Fairie in their little reading nook, along with the other books that were left for them! It made a wonderful gift that has sparked such enthusiasm and excitement for reading! I can’t recommend this adorable book enough!!

~Rachelle W.